Ride, Ride Baby....

She took me for a ride, took everything from me, things I did not even have, that were not even mine to give.
She took me for a ride, all right. She lured me with sweet and sensual promises and a bright tomorrow.
She made me discover the less travel roads, some I did not even know existed, uncharted imaginary lines between realities, a short cut to a blissful tomorrow.
For a smile from her I gave up all my chromes…
What a ride, always faster, always higher… and when I thought I could not get higher, she told me baby take my hand….
Ride the King's highway, baby
Ride the highway west, baby
Get me there I will do the rest, baby
and I crossed the line to Never Land.
What a ride it was, the perfect one… The one you would like to ride forever
She awoke before down, so silently so limitless and free
And I woke up to her deafening silence
In one blink of an eye everything that stands was gone…
She stole my soul, stole my words and left me mute, stranded on the over side of the world in a desperate land, in a wilderness of pain.

And now I am trying to hitchhike a ride back to my life, desperately in need of some stranger’s hand…..look for me on the side of the road.

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